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    Hello, this page of our torrent is made specially for Romance movie directed by Justin Chadwick and named "Tulip Fever". This movie began to broadcast in 2017, size of it is 1.7 GB with WEB-DL High Quality and 6.2 points on IMDb.
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Tulip Fever torrent

"Tulip Fever" is one of the movies that you can download or magnet on our torrent. This Romance movie is directed by Justin Chadwick and it was published in 2017 with duration of 104 min. Scroll down for more information about Tulip Fever torrent.

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Production Year: 2017 | Movie genre: Romance | Movie Size: 1.7 GB | Release type: WEB-DL | Director: Justin Chadwick | Magnet Magnet | Duration: 104 min | Speech: Russian | High Quality | Format: 1080p

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Tulip Fever Torrent

That is the takeaway, both onscreen and away, from "Tulip Fever," a well-bred, if tawdry period drama set in Amsterdam in the peak of Tulipmania, in 1637, when precious bulbs may fetch greater than the worth of a home. It had been an economic bubble, naturally, and fortunes were made and lost based to if investors entered the market.

But time also issues in the notification of these stories, and Deborah Moggach's 1999 novel coincided well with the dot-com bubble, whereas the long-delayed adaptation of same in the Weinstein Company arrives in a perplexing second. Not only is there nothing currently from the zeitgeist to which to peg this kind of a narrative, but the whole package has a strangely conservative sense - and not merely because it occurs 380 decades back.

Tulip Fever torrent

Instead, "Tulip Fever" aspires into the handsome, benign middlebrow allure of these Miramax films as "Chocolat" and "Shakespeare in Love," and finally represents the sort of "prestige" art-house pablum about which Harvey Weinstein could once twist a best picture frenzy. On paper, the job's pedigree is impeccable: Directed by Justin Chadwick by a screenplay co-written from Tom Stoppard, the movie stars Oscar winners Alicia Vikander and Christoph Waltz as a loveless few, the rich merchant Cornelis Sandvoort along with his youthful wife Sophia, whom he rescues from a convent in which the script has made a role for this grand dame of all Oscar winners.

Sophia is not exactly unhappy in her new union, but it is gloomy work all the same. Cornelis needs a male heir, however, is a flop at the sack. And while such vanity could be excusable, his authentic mistake is inviting a young reporter, Jan van Loos, in to his home to memorialize the bunch by means of a portrait - one lushly motivated by the work of Johannes Vermeer and Alfred Stevens' centuries-later "The Blue Dress." There is something in the way Jan appears at Sophia that she has never felt before - we have never believed it either, since the film completely fails to communicate this very important fascination, leaving us to wonder why Sophia would endanger the relaxation of her new life with this second-rate performer.

download Tulip Fever

The movie's answer is not fire, but something Sophia understands nothing regarding: Jan has started to speculate from the city's booming tulip marketplace. Following an ambitious fishmonger produces a lucky bet on a heap of 50 white bulbs which includes a rare "breaker," Jan gets cocky in what amounts to the world's first futures market, and provided that, he is risking great sums on the possibility that the exact same breaker - whose proprietor was conveniently whisked off to sea - will bring much more in the future.

However, breakers - a rare bulb recognized that a sudden stroke of red - are a nice analogy for the occurrence of a film such as this, that comes with all the optimistic impression that its manufacturers can expect the requirement for its celebrities. Had it started a year before, the movie might have been in a position to capitalize on Vikander's current Oscar win, and would not have been tainted by "Valerian's" collapse. However, no amount of reshoots or clipping can produce chemistry where none exists, and also the love scenes here are more disgusting than amorous, evoking the scents of filthy toes and unwashed hair, instead of floral potpourri.

download Tulip Fever full torrent

Cornelis might not be the perfect husband, but he is a considerate person at the least. Rather than lording his standing over Sophia, he venerates her, curing his brand new bride as though he is undeserving of her beauty - a mindset which makes him much more dominating as the cuckold compared to DeHaan proves as the cad. DeHaan has been nice in different roles, but this summer was unkind to him: Between this and "Valerian," casting representatives appear to have confused his charm with this of Leonardo DiCaprio, a celebrity he vaguely looks.

However, there's a still larger casting folly lurking in the center of "Tulip Fever", and that's the selection of Zach Galifianakis because Jan's bumbling, perpetually soused manservant, Gerrit, who's either playing the job badly or, more likely, has had every one of his humor moments excised from the movie, leaving a deflecting vacuum in which his personality belongs. The film's true romantic plot extends to its narrator, the Sandvoort's housekeeper Maria, who is pregnant through the unlucky fishmonger mentioned before - and that agrees to conceal the status at a vaguely funny, but largely miscalculated charade, which starts as farce but spirals ridiculously out of control.

What started as a respectable, though somewhat level 17th-century love story, complete with stunning outfits and lush score, appears to reduce its wits because it goes along - which might have been the mindset of the age, but feels just like a miscalculated chance here.

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